Students Attend UDM Research Symposium

Students from the Engineering, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics classes, as well as the Robotics Club attended the Engineering and Science Research Symposium at the University of Detroit Mercy on October 21, 2022.
The Symposium, an annual event, highlights the research and projects by undergraduate and graduate students. 
The Symposium also aims to interest high school students in STEM careers. Visiting high school students are invited to rank what they believe is the most promising technology,  project, or research for the “People’s Choice Award." 

DLS President Larry Rancilio said, "De La Salle has always had a great connection with UDM. Our faculty and students are fortunate to have an opportunity to explore the endless possibilities in engineering." 

Rancilio added, "I am sure this will spark an engineering flame in many of the students who visited."
The DLS group also visited the College of Engineering and Science, where they saw demonstrations of the school’s simulators and current projects. 
Faculty members accompanying the students included faculty members Kate Zelmanski-Maitoza, Rob Black, Ron Barger, and counselor Aaron Solomon. 
“This was a great opportunity for students who have an interest in science or engineering to experience what college might be like for them if they choose to pursue a degree in those fields,” Black said. 
“I really enjoyed having a new perspective on research projects that wouldn’t normally be available to me otherwise,” said Calvin Bacall, ‘23. “The insights that I received from the field trip will certainly be useful in future endeavors of mine and will benefit me while attempting my own experimentation and statistical analysis.”
Solomon commented, “I think this was a great chance for the boys to get a look at the limitless possibilities of where their interest in engineering and science could take them in the future. They were also able to speak to students currently in the program and get an idea of what their day-to-day looks like.”  

Photo below: Trying out the steering column simulator that was built by students and professors at UDM. 


Students Attend UDM Research Symposium
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