Successful Launch for DLS Rocketry Club

De La Salle Collegiate’s new Rocketry Club, led by sophomore Gabe Enghauser, held a successful launch today of three rockets on the school grounds, near the baseball field. 

The group used Firehawk kits, ordered from Estes, to build the rockets. Each rocket has a small motor;  external materials not included in the kit are the launch controller and launch pad.


Enghauser says the criteria for a successful launch are

  • Lifting off as expected
  • Reaching a normal peak altitude, expected to be around 550 feet
  • Landing safely with salvageable parts

Enghauser says that the model rocket must be assembled following the instructions to avoid mishaps. 

A week ago, the group attempted an initial launch, and will now work on reaching their next goals: launching low-power and high-power rockets. 

Enghauser says that the group is aiming to become the first high schoolers to send a rocket into space, reaching 100 kilometers in altitude. He says only two other schools in Michigan have Rocketry Clubs. 


Successful Launch for DLS Rocketry Club
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