What a first week

We had a great first week of distance learning!
Some of the early technology issues have been ironed out by both staff and students. The school staff is especially enjoying the phone calls home to check in with families. We will make a small adjustment, starting this week we will only be calling once a week unless there is a specific request or need for multiple calls. 
Students: please view your school email multiple times a day in addition to checking into the classes scheduled. Also, remember to work directly with your teachers if you are having an issue first, then reach out to your counselors if you need more help. You guys are doing great things in your classes so far. Keep it up! Look for the teachers to start incorporating more video, both live and recorded, to help with content delivery and feedback for you. Also, be ready for some more in-depth assignments where you’ll have to do some research and collaboration of your own.
As a way of sharing your experience with distance learning, please start sending pics, videos and stories of your time learning from afar to marketing@delasallehs.com. Our Marketing and Communications team will use what you send in to promote and post to the school website and/or social media when they can use it. 
Thank you for the great adjustment you’ve made to distance learning and understanding that we are all walking through this together. I do want to remind you to take time to rest, relax, take care of yourself, and spend time with your family.
Lastly, I want to make you aware of a possible case of CODIV-19 in our community. I spoke to the Macomb County Health Department on Friday; however, because it’s not a confirmed case – and the family is self-quarantined – the health department advises we continue to pay attention to symptoms, wash hands frequently, and follow social distancing.
We are still planning to return to school on April 20, unless we get an update from the state or the Archdiocese of Detroit. We are also developing contingency plans in the event that our distance-learning experience is extended because we are always dedicated to delivering an excellent Lasallian Catholic education, no matter where our students are.
It is, truly, a great day to be a Pilot!

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