DLS Volunteers Honored

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Volunteers who served 100 hours or more during the 2016-2017 school year at De La Salle Collegiate were honored at a “Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast” at DLS on June 14. These parents, grandparents, and alumni volunteered in the Admissions and Advancement Departments, as well as with the various Athletic teams. 

President John M. Knight said, “Our community is blessed with a passionate group of volunteers.  De La Salle Collegiate is an outstanding academic institution thanks in large part to the men and women who consistently and tirelessly give their time and talent in support of our Lasallian mission.”

Notably, Mrs. Marge Brown, a past parent and current grandparent, has volunteered more than 250 hours during the past year.  Her grandson is James Brown, ’18. 

President Knight with Mrs. Marge Brown.

Those honored included

  • Salvatore Aiello
  • Beth Aiuto
  • Angie Aldini
  • Tom Aldini
  • Sheryl Anderson
  • Helen Anonick
  • Deborah Anton
  • Lina Berezowsky
  • Bruce Berriman
  • Marge Brown
  • Erin Brunsman
  • Elwood Bush
  • Leslie Cameron
  • Tony Catullo
  • Mary Chris Chapp
  • Victoria Cornwell
  • Wendy Cummins
  • Kathleen Cyr
  • Christina DeBerardino
  • Melanie DeBussey
  • Vanessa DeMenech
  • Beth Drwencke
  • Douglas Fischer
  • Janet Flanigan
  • Steven Graus
  • Steven Haag
  • Lori Holland
  • Jennifer Iannuzzi
  • Karen Isopi
  • Betsy Jones
  • Heather Kosalski
  • Donald Kowalski
  • Lynn LaCross
  • Christopher Matt
  • Andrea Morelli-Groth
  • Mike O’Donnell
  • Anthony Paglia
  • Paul Perrin
  • Donna Schienke
  • Kimberly Schmitt
  • Samantha Sikorski 
  • Sarah Stepnitz
  • Mark Stroker
  • Montisa Watkins
  • Danny Williams
  • Maureen Winowiecki
  • Lisa Wouters
  • John Ziske

CBA President Mary Chris Chapp, President Knight, President Emeritus Brother Bob Carnaghi, and Dads’ Club President Steve Haag

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