Electronics Recycling Jan. 18-20

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Please bring your electronic waste to De La Salle from January 18 – 20, 2017. There will be two collection boxes for your recyclable electronic waste, inside the Cafeteria.

There is no limit; however, DLS reserves the right to stop accepting materials when our bins are full, and/or ask you to bring items back another day.  

Computer Recyclers of Michigan will recycle or reuse the items, reducing our carbon footprint and earning us Green Schools points.

To protect your privacy, all hard drive information will be destroyed.  Due to potentially sensitive information, no person shall remove items from the bins or bin area after they have been discarded.  

For more information, including what can or cannot be accepted, please consult this link: Electronics Recycling Event Information.  

Questions: Mrs. Nina Jacks, njacks@delasallehs.com, 586.541.6423. Save Club Moderator.


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