Faculty Changes Include Retirement of Mr. Bacon

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Mr. Brian Bacon, who has taught at De La Salle Collegiate with distinction since 1995, will be retiring effective January 12. Mr. Bacon has touched the hearts of scores of Pilots over the years and has served as Department leader and mentor to our current Mathematics Department. He will be missed, but plans to be available for some substitute teaching.  

Other Faculty changes:

Ms. Sabrina Stellino will be taking Mr. Bacon’s classes, Modern, Honors and Advanced Geometry, as well as AP Calculus. Ms. Stellino taught in our Math Department last year before transitioning to the Social Studies department to fill a need earlier this school year.

Mr. Jim Singelyn (‘90) will be joining the Social Studies Department teaching American History, Economics, Government ,and Honors World Contemporary Studies. Mr. Singelyn has spent the last several years as our Varsity Swimming coach and has been a constant presence in our building as a substitute teacher.

Mrs. Kasha Griffith will be joining the Foreign Language department teaching Spanish. She is an experienced Spanish teacher and is returning to De La Salle. She taught at DLS several years ago.

Thanks again to the Mrs. Stephanie Howay, Mrs. Nicole Cuello, Mrs. Lindsey Tula, and Mrs. Adriana Vidican for stepping up and ensuring our Spanish courses continued to effectuate meaningful learning.

Staff changes:

Mrs. Angie Aldini joins our Admissions Office, as Mrs. Andrea Mason resigned a few weeks ago to take another position in business. Mrs. Aldini has been a De La Salle Collegiate supporter for years as a parent of two DLS graduates – Lido (2010) and Dominic (2012) – and has served as Christian Brothers’ Auxiliary President.

Mr. John Monigold will continue to work with our Advancement Office and with our alumni, but in a part-time capacity. John has done so much for DLS over the decades and we are very fortunate to still have him as part of the community.

Mr. Dennis Koch will return to DLS Jan. 22, and serve as Alumni Director in the Advancement Office.

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