Faculty, Staff Reflect at Day Long Retreat

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Before the 2017-2018 school year began, Brother Michael French, FSC, conducted an all-day Retreat for De La Salle Collegiate Faculty and Staff at the Capuchin Retreat Center in Washington Township on August 21.

Brother Michael, from the Midwest District of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, led the retreat; Father Brian Meldrum, DLS ‘02, concluded the Day with Mass.

Mr. Brian Barker, DLS Campus Minister, said the Capuchin Retreat Center was specifically selected for its location.

“We thought having our Faculty and Staff at this site, where we have been taking Juniors for retreats for the last five years, offered the opportunity for quiet reflection and sharing in a setting designed for retreats,” said Mr. Barker. “Feedback on the day has been very positive.”

Veteran faculty member Mr. Gary Buslepp commented, “The opportunity to reflect individually on what we do here was valuable. Typically at a retreat, we meet in groups, and then come together. The setting really encouraged individual reflection.”

Brother Michael French

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