Faculty team captures fourth Jeopardy title

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WARREN, Mich. (March 11, 2019) – Last week, Team Trivia Newton John captured the 2019 De La Salle Teachers Jeopardy Tournament with 279 points. TNJ beat out four other teams to win for the fourth time.

The faculty team of Kate Zelmanski Maitoza, John Berlin, Chris Dean, John HIcks, and Mike Szczegielniak, correctly answered the final Jeopardy question: Which country has the most Catholics? Answer: Brazil.

The Less Holy Rollers (Mike Jolly, Joe Gerardi, Brother Bob Carnaghi, Dave Slusser, and Steve Schypinski) finished second with 221 points, while Apostle’s Creeden (Jacob Creeden, Joe Novak, Sabrina Stellino, Aarron Meier, and Andrew Campbell) came in third with 219.

Categories for the teacher tournament included Disney, Fun with Numbers, Movies, History, and Pot Luck.

Dean says teachers’ strengths are considered in putting together a team. “We try to incorporate people with strengths in science, history, pop culture, and sports. This year, John Berlin, who teaches religion, knew the Final Jeopardy answer.”

“We enjoy the camaraderie and friendly trash talk,” Dean said. “The cafeteria is filled with students who see teachers in a different light.”

Dean, who has been on the team since the faculty tournaments began, said the team’s composition has changed over the years, depending on teacher availability.

Now in its 22nd year, the student tournament draws approximately 400 students who competed in two divisions: underclassmen and upperclassmen. The faculty tournament begin about 10 years ago, according to Thaier Mukhtar, who initiated the after-school activity as a way to get students engaged with others and have fun.

The tournament begins in January, and usually ends mid-February. This year, snow and ice days prolonged the tournament into early March.

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