Five to International DECA Competition

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Congratulations to our DLS DECA team!

This weekend, 31 DLS DECAthletes competed at DECA’s State Career Development Conference at Cobo in Detroit!

These 31 competed in 16 different events which tested their knowledge in business, finance, hospitality and tourism, and marketing.

Five of the 31 qualified to compete at the International Career Development Conference in Nashville April 23-27.

  • Kevin Jones, Parker Durand and Mario Fusciardi qualified in Financial Literacy Promotion Project
  • ¬†Gabriel Harris qualified in Apparel & Accessories Marketing.
  • Jason Kathawa qualified in Business Financial Services.

Congratulations also to the following students who were recognized on stage, but who did not qualify for Internationals:

  • Dominic Balice
  • Russell Hu (Russell was recognized both in his event and for his performance on an optional math test!)
  • David Jimenez
  • JonPierre Nofar
  • Justin Smith

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