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Order Achatz Handmade Pies just in time for the holidays!

THAW, BAKE & SERVE PIES: Apple, Blueberry, Cherry and MI 4-Berry - $20.60/pie

THAW & SERVE PIES: Pumpkin and Pecan (Pecan is $1 more) - $20.60/pie

JAMS: 2-pack Michigan 4-berry jam - $19.60/2-pack

2-pack Michigan 4-Berry Jam
Frozen Bake at Home Pies Choicesrequired
Frozen Thaw & Serve Pie Choicesrequired
dearborn ham

Quality hams by Dearborn Sausage Company are approximately 7-8# each for 1/2 Spiral and Semi-Boneless hams

1/2 Spiral Sliced - $51.55
1/2 Classic Semi-boneless - $41.20


Dearborn Brand Ham Choicesrequired

Srodek's pierogis are for a quantity of 1 dozen for each flavor.

Flavors offered: Potato & Onion, Potato American Cheese, Sweet Farmer's Cheese, Sauerkraut, Mushroom, & Jalapeno Popper

All flavors - $9.50/dozen

Pierogi Choicesrequired


All Kielbasa is made by Srodek's

Different offerings of Kielbasa:
Smoked Kielbasa Fine Ground Veal & Pork Kielbasa approx. 2.5# ring - $18.55/ring

Smoked Chunky Veal & Pork Kielbasa (Holiday Kielbasa) approx. 2.5# ring - $18.55/ring

Smoked Kielbasa Fine Ground Pork approx 2# ring - $16.50/ring

Fresh Kielbasa approx. 2# ring - $16.50/ring

Srodek's Kielbasa Choicesrequired

Our 18” fresh green wreaths & 30” fresh green crosses are beautifully hand-decorated.

Your choice of red, purple, or plaid bows. Display easels are also available.

Wreath - $35.05
Cross - $30.00
Easel - $8.25

Green Pine WREATH Choicesrequired
Green Pine CROSS Choicesrequired
Easel Choicesrequired
Choose from either a Red or White 3-stem 8" pot Poinsettia for your holiday table! 
Either Color: $27.00/pot
Poinsettia Choicesrequired
This beautiful flowering Christmas Cactus comes in a 6 1/2 “ pot. We cannot guarantee the color.
Christmas Cactus Quantityrequired

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