Fundraiser Will Aid Sophomore Joey Gangola

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Joey Gangola, a DLS sophomore, was diagnosed with Acute Childhood Leukemia in October, and is undergoing a treatment plan that will span over three years – well into his senior year of high school. Joey plays hockey, and his hockey family has taken on Joey’s cause, and that of the Gangola Family.

DLS students have rallied in support of Joey, and were signing this banner in school this week.

A Hockey Game on Friday, December 30, at the Rochester Onyx Ice Arena will benefit the Leukemia Association. There is FREE Admission, and you are asked to wear ORANGE, the color associated with the Leukemia Association (similar to pink being associated with breast cancer activities). Donations will be accepted in support of the Leukemia Foundation. There is also a Silent Auction and donations are being sought.

At the game, there will also be more information on how to help and how to become a blood marrow donor.

joey strong banner edit

Students hold up the banner for Joey Gangola. Students are signing the banner this week.

Joey Gar. Fundraiser

Joey Gangola

Joey Gangola

There is a GO FUND ME page to help the Gangola Family with their expenses. Click here

There is a MEAL TRAIN organized for the family. Click here.

joey strong signing

Signing the banner for Joey were junior Semaj Shelton, and sophomores Joe Zynda, Michael Garwood, KeShawn Simmons, and James Fish.




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