IB Students Help ‘Summer in the City’

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Eight De La Salle International Baccalaureate (IB) students, along with teachers Mrs. Stephanie Howay and Mr. Brad Cusumano, helped facilitate a field day for Maybury Elementary School in southwest Detroit on Tuesday, June 14.

The event was organized by Summer in the City, a non-profit organization.

The IB students helped organize and run the field day day stations, which consisted of a giant rainbow parachute, a dance party, a temporary tattoo station, button-making, soccer, and cooking s’mores.

Mr.Cusumano said, “If it weren’t for our guys helping out, this field day would not have happened for these truly awesome kids! Our students had a great time interacting with the kids. Mike DeDecker was even brave enough to use his Spanish skills to communicate.”

Summer in the City was started by Ben Falik and a group of college friends fifteen years ago in an effort to change the way that people volunteer in the city. Summer in the City’s premise is “Paint, Plant, Play.” The group has completed a number of murals in the city, plants urban gardens every summer, and provides enrichment activities for youth through play.

In his free time, Ben also runs “Repair the World Detroit,” an organization that does community service throughout the City of Detroit. Repair the World’s goals are to help improve the lives and neighbors of Detroit right now. Check the group’s Facebook page for more information.

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