Pilots look to create Chicago alumni group

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WARREN, Mich. – With nearly 200 former students living in Illinois, representatives from De La Salle Collegiate are heading to the Windy City to meet with local alumni.

De La Salle President John M. Knight and Director of Alumni Relations Dennis Koch plan to host former Pilots to discuss the possible formation of the school’s first regional alumni group in downtown Chicago.

The meeting will take place at the Chicago Athletic Association (12 South Michigan Avenue) from 5-7 p.m. CT on Thursday, Sept 27.

More than 130 De La Salle alumni live in the Chicagoland area. 

Many classmates try to stay connected with their alma mater through social media, The Collegiate magazine, and by listening to online broadcasts of school sporting events. A regional group would serve as a hub to regularly reach out to Chicagoland alums.

“We know there are numerous alumni who live in the area,” Koch said. “We, De La Salle, need to engage these alumni. We need to have formal meetings, social events, and act as a networking tool for all alumni – young and old – in the Chicago area.”

Many prominent universities and elite high schools throughout the country benefit from having regional alumni groups. These groups are designed to extend the reach of their schools by engaging alumni in formal meetings, social events, fundraisers, and networking.

De La Salle boosts an alumni base of more than 14,200 men with members living in 49 states, as well as the District of Columbia. Illinois ranks fourth with 192 former Pilots, behind Michigan, Florida and California.

“Our alumni association can draw strength from getting together on a regular basis,” Koch said. “It will help our network grow as our continued meetings will help develop long-lasting relationships between our alumni.

“We can also use this regional group as a community of support. How reassuring would it be for a parent or current student to know that as he attends college, gets an internship, or lands a job in the Chicago area, he has a network of Pilots that are there for him.”

For more information regarding the De La Salle Collegiate Alumni Association or its upcoming visit to Chicago, please contact Dennis Koch at 586-541-6221 or dkoch@delasallehs.com.



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