President Knight Names Stewart Principal

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De La Salle Collegiate President Mr. John M. Knight has named Mr. Steve Stewart as the school’s Principal.

Mr. Stewart had been named as Interim Principal in June 2016.

Below is the letter from Mr. Knight sent to parents, alumni, and friends about this appointment.


November 2, 2016

Dear De La Salle Collegiate Family,

It seems hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving. The past few months have been filled with the typical activity found around our campus. Classes are in full swing, our first set of Parent-Teacher conferences went well, fall athletics have come to a close, our annual Open House is this Sunday, and the fall play is just around the corner. Each day, our hallways, Cafeteria, Commons, and classrooms are filled with the sounds of young men deep into their lives of study, friends, and making plans for the coming weekend. It does not take but a second to see the many blessings we have been given by God. Our Lasallian Mission, now 90 years strong in metropolitan Detroit, is as vibrant as ever.

On the heels of the transition in the Principal’s office this past summer, Mr. Steve Stewart assumed the title of Interim Principal, and with it all of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the school. When I asked Mr. Stewart to assume the role of Interim Principal, I was hopeful that over the first few months of the school year that it would become clear to me and to my colleagues on the Faculty and Staff that the Interim tag would soon be dropped, and that Mr. Stewart would simply, and most importantly, serve our school as our Principal. Well, that is in fact what has happened. In the midst of a very sensitive and challenging time, Mr. Stewart has displayed the essential qualities necessary to lead our school in the years to come. I am happy to formally announce today that Mr. Stewart is our Principal.

I have come to know Mr. Stewart as a man of integrity, compassion, and understanding, and one who embraces the goals of a Lasallian secondary education. Mr. Stewart has the respect and admiration of the Faculty and Staff. I am grateful to him for accepting the opportunities, challenges, joys, and sorrows that accompany the role of Principal.  I have every confidence in Mr. Stewart’s continued ability to serve our school as our chief academic officer, and to partner with me and the office of the President in the years to come.

As the days of Thanksgiving celebration approach, please know that you and your loved ones remain in my daily prayers. Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to partner with you in the education of your child.

St. John Baptist de La Salle, pray for us!

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever!

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