Rotating Classes, Later Lunches for 17-18

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The six-day rotation schedule has returned! And new to the schedule are rotating class meetings and later lunches.

Principal Steve Stewart explains each of these changes:

We have moved to the “six day cycle” (which basically means we go through six school days and start over). This was necessary to enable all eight classes to meet at different times during a single cycle. We are rotating when classes meet each day. We have experienced, and research has substantiated, that classes that meet in a variety of times helps student learning. Providing students with the opportunity to experience the same course at different times of the day promotes attentiveness and engagement in the classroom. Finally, we moved the lunches later so students are not eating lunch so early or late.

We examined internally our use of time as well as other high performing schools. We also had a scheduling consultant review our systems. Finally, we examined surveys from students, teachers, and parents.  All toward making the best use of time and increasing student learning.  

We want to maximize the one commodity that once it is spent, it’s gone, forever…time. Learning is crucial and variety keeps the brain engaged. We will continue to research and discuss ways to create extended periods for learning in the 2018-19 school year.  


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