Scholarships at $13.24 Million

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Through May 18, the Class of 2015 has earned nearly $13.24 million in academic scholarships. This amount does NOT include scholarships awarded for athletic participation.

“This amount is a tribute not only to our students’ work ethic and perseverance, but to the exceptional Faculty and Staff that support our exemplary educational system here at the Collegiate,” said Principal Mr. Patrick Adams.

“The Counselors worked closely with their seniors to help them apply for scholarships, and the students’ and counselors’ hard work in seeking financial awards has definitely paid off.”

Mr. Anthony Albani, DLS Counselor, reports that the 224 graduates are still receiving scholarship notifications from their selected colleges.

“As students receive these notifications, we ask them or their parents to please notify us in the Counseling Office of these awards,” said Mr. Albani.

Class of 2015 – College Plans

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