Scholarships Near $22 Million!

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Congratulations to the De La Salle Collegiate Class of 2018! Through early May, the total value of academic (not need-based or athletic) scholarships stands at just under $22 million dollars. The 195 students in the class stand at the top of school history! 

Counselor Mr. Anthony Albani, who tracks scholarships for DLS, says several factors contributed to the historic number. 

“Our students have applied to numerous colleges, maximizing their offers. They have also had outstanding grade point averages (GPA’s), along with good scores on the standardized tests, the ACT and the SAT,” says Albani. 

Albani notes that Albion College is offering $115,000 for four years, and that the University of Detroit Mercy has been particularly generous. 

Another contributing factor is the use of the website “Raise Me,” sponsored by the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation. Students are alerted to scholarships and grants by entering their information, and noting activities and community service. Mr. Albani says that Raise Me is responsible for about $7 million of the $22 million total. 

De La Salle Collegiate President John M. Knight said, “We are proud of all our students. This is a testament to the hard work of the faculty and our rigorous curriculum in preparing students for the next stage of their academic careers.” 

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