Spirit Week 2018

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De La Salle Collegiate is celebrating its 2018 Homecoming and Spirit Week with this year’s theme “Decades.”

Activities for Spirit Week, coordinated by the De La Salle Student Council, include special dress-up days for the student body and staff.

Monday is PJ Day, Tuesday is Neon Day, Wednesday is Generation Day, Thursday is T-Shirt Day and Friday is Purple & Gold Day. The week will end Friday with a pep rally, followed by the Homecoming Game against Brother Rice at Wayne State University. Kickoff is set for 7 p.m.

SPIRIT WEEK – Sept 17-21

1 & 3 Moderator, Asst. Moderators: Mrs. Jacks, Brother Ken, Mrs. Popis

2 & 4 Moderator, Asst. Moderators: Mrs. Zelmanski-Maitoza, Mrs. Vidican, Mrs. Anderson

5 & 6 Moderator, Asst. Moderators: Mr. Hicks, Mr. Ritchie, Mrs. Aldini

70s- Squadrons 1 & 3
80s- Squadrons 5 & 6
90s- Squadrons 2 & 4

*Students will be asked to change into their school uniform if guidelines are not followed. If students decide not to participate in a certain Dress Down Day, they must be in school uniform*

Flannels T-shirt and long T-shirts, and slippers are acceptable. Again good taste and common sense prevails. Again, no type of lingerie or female wear, no cut-offs, no short shorts, no bare arms or tanks are allowed.

TUESDAY – Neon Day
All classes may wear their best neon clothes (any color). You can spray paint your hair too. BroZone shirts are acceptable. Shirts,shorts, socks, headbands, etc. Again, no cut-off shirts, no short shorts, no bare arms or tanks. Slides, sandals, etc. may be worn.

WEDNESDAY – Generation Day
The judges are looking for creative dress. You may dress like your specific decade. Good taste and common sense prevails. Again, no cut-off shirts, no short shorts, no bare arms or tanks. Slides, etc. may be worn..

THURSDAY – T-Shirt Day
Every student is to wear their Spirit Week designed shirts.You must have purchased your T-shirt through the business office, in order to dress down.You may wear jeans, shorts, sweats, tennis shoes, sandals, slides, etc. Hats may be worn, but not in the classroom.Friday.

FRIDAY – Annual Purple & Gold Day
All classes are to wear their purple & gold attire. We encourage you to wear any De La Salle attire. On this day, you may spray paint your hair. Any head wear (helmets/hats)can be worn outside of the class room only. You may wear t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts, DLS flannel pants. Sandals..slides etc may be worn. T-shirts must have sleeves-No short shorts-

MONDAY – Cotton Candy Day
TUESDAY – Bagel & Donut Sale
WEDNESDAY – Giveaways
THURSDAY – Slushie Day
FRIDAY – National Coney Island Day ($1.50 a coney)

Music will be played during class changes****

Donations Jugs will be placed with the competing Squadrons:
Reminder: Coins are plus points; bills are minus points
Donations go to our Kenya School

Each team competing will design a hallway. Points are doubles for this event
Squadrons 1 & 3 – the 323 Hallway
Squadrons 2 & 4 – the Low-200 Hallway
Squadrons 5 & 6 – the High-200 Wing
All moderators will receive the rules and expectations.

There will be three scavenger hunts that will take place in the mornings before school starts for points. Moderators will receive the rules and guidelines.

Time permitting there will be trivia games during advisory throughout the week for points.

Will take place on the Friday of Spirit Week for competition points-

There will be a total of three chariots built based off the Squadron teams. Rules will be given to the moderators. Points are doubled for this event.

The entire hall should incorporate the theme (DECADES – FALL SPORTS).
Hallway decorating on Wednesday, Sept 19.
Time: After school until 9 p.m. Prior planning and gathering of supplies is highly recommended.
All supplies (tape, scissors, paint, etc) should be brought in Wednesday, Sept. 19.
No supplies other than rolls of paper for all classes will be provided.
No paint or any substance may be used to directly mark on doors or windows or
Please do not use any tape that will take the wood off of doors.
Any class interfering with another group’s work will be disqualified and will
receive zero points for this event.
No offensive or inappropriate material should be placed in the hallway.
Point values are doubles.
Class moderators or an adult representative must be present during the hallway
decorating to ensure all rules are followed.

Hallways will be judged Thursday, Sept 20 between 7-8 a.m.
Judges should appraise how well each class represented their overall theme.
Remember to incorporate fall sports/your class THEME!
Classes should have a well-rounded presentation with some unified idea(s).
In other words, just throwing up a large quantity of decorations should not be given
a higher score than a well-prepared and thoughtful presentation.
Quality over quantity is important.
Compliance by classes to all rules should be given consideration when judging all


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