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The Pilots football team gathers with the trophy after winning a Division 2 state regional championship in 2018.

De La Salle continues to be a premier educational institution for boys in southeastern Michigan, offering college preparatory coursework in the charism of its founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. We're proud that the Pilots' athletic and intramural programs continue to reflect the mission of the school and its founder.

We are extremely proud of not only the 16 state championship trophies we've earned, but of the graduates we produce who become better men as sons, brothers, husbands and fathers by participation in our educationally and spiritually-centered approach to learning through educational athletics.



Evan Valliancourt brings the ball up court against school psychologist Andrew Campbell during the IM basketball championship.

Many schools offer a variety of intramural sports to encourage teamwork and collaboration among students. Students participate in intramural sports for fun, practice, physical exercise, or competition. Faculty and staff often participate, as well. These recreation-based sports teams are designed primarily for enjoyment, but teams often compete for titles, awards, and bragging rights.

Intramural sports promote inclusion, acceptance, health, and wellness among students at De La Salle. Those who compete and those who participate in the planning and organizing of intramural sporting events often benefit from taking a break from studying, coursework, and the demands of everyday life.

Flag Football 2 Ball 2 Ball
Soccer 3v3 Basketball Tournament Golf
Fishing 5v5 Basketball League Softball
Golf Ping Pong Cornhole


Link Crew members welcome freshmen to De La Salle in August 2018.


De La Salle offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for students. Below is a list of some of our clubs and activities, as well as moderator information.

Archery Club

Seasoned hunters/shooters and new interests are welcome to join De La Salle's Archery Club.

The Archery shoots at The BRAC every Wednesday from 6-7:30 p.m. There's a $5 fee per student; parents and non-De La Salle siblings are FREE.

Students are welcome to bring their own bow  (no crossbows) or they can use one of ours for FREE (we have 11 Mathews Genesis Bows).

Our instructors, Mr. and Mrs. VanThomme, are certified to run the club.



Beating the Pilots is a tall task for most opponents. Beating the Pilots when the BroZone is involved is nearly impossible. 

At De La Salle home football, soccer basketball and hockey games, you can find the Pilots' student cheering section in full force, cheering their brothers to victory. It doesn't stop there, however. The BroZone attends swim and wrestling meets, even tennis matches and golf tournaments! Wherever the Pilots compete, you can be sure to find De La Salle students to cheer their alma mater on to victory. 

Each year, the senior BroZone members select class representatives to lead the group in the upcoming year. The leaders selected are expected to be creative, active and positive in representing De La Salle and must help create an atmosphere of good sportsmanship. In fact, the BroZone helped create Conduct Expectations for All Spectators and each year, freshmen members are reminded of the expectations of the responsibility necessary to be a school leader. 

Theme nights and special events are created by BroZone leadership and shared through social media. You can follow the BroZone on Twitter @DLSBrozone. 

Diversity Club

The Diversity Club is a student-led group with the purpose of bringing to light issues of diversity for students, faculty and staff at De La Salle Collegiate. The club empowers students, encourages responsible youth leadership and enables students to be a positive force for change within the school and their communities.  They work to plan and organize educational opportunities to spread awareness on culturally and social issues.

MISSIONThe Diversity Club exists to create a culturally, socially aware environment and to promote the appreciation of each ethnic group within the De La Salle community.  We seek to provide educational opportunities for ourselves as well as the student body, which can enhance learning and growth in cultural competence.

VISIONTo embrace diversity and inclusion, as evidenced by high levels of empathy, respect, intercultural awareness, cultural consciousness, critical thinking, and positive understanding and celebration of differences, resulting in a community that is welcoming and diverse.

Link Crew

Link Crew leader Dino Bucci moderates the freshmen orientation event in August 2018.

Moderated by teacher Annmarie Michol and counselor Jonathan Hickey, the Link Crew is students helping students succeed.

Link Crew is a program designed to help freshmen make a smooth transition into high school.
Each summer Link Crew leaders go through a rigorous training program. Juniors and seniors are trained in team-building activities, cooperative-skill development, and discussion skills. Each of these Link leaders is assigned to a freshman seminar class to work with students in an advisory role throughout the school year. They become leaders, motivators, role models, and teachers.
ORIENTATIONLink Crew orientation is phenomenal! Students are welcomed and made to feel at home. The orientation is a combination of opening and closing ceremonies, and two small group sessions of 8-10 students led by a Link Crew leader. It takes place the during morning of freshmen Orientation Day each August.
YEAR-LONG SUPPORTThe same Link Crew leaders that led the new students on Orientation Day will provide social and academic support throughout the school year. Link Crew leaders act as helpers in their advisory classrooms where they share life-skill lessons during the year. Most Link Crew leaders are also involved in our school-wide tutoring program throughout the year.
COMMUNITY-BUILDING PROGRAMSchool climate will change because of Link Crew. This program is based on a simple concept: linking freshmen with successful upperclassmen. While creating a sense of comfort for the incoming students, the Link Crew concept also addresses the attitudes of the upperclassmen toward the freshmen, and respect for freshmen becomes the norm.
OBJECTIVESEmpower seniors to become role models for freshmen.
To increase academic success through support of peers.
To develop leadership skills in students.
Pass on positive traditions to younger students.
Expose students to a variety of individuals in positive situations.
Teach students that by working together they can be successful and enjoy one another.
To help create a supportive and positive atmosphere on campus.

Medical Club

Do you plan to someday cure cancer or eradicate heart disease? How about figuring out the elusive fountain of youth? Do you long to learn how to do medical procedures and become certified in first aid and CPR? Would knowing what medical school admissions officers are really looking for help you achieve your lofty goals? Would you like to become a nurse, veterinarian, dentist or athletic trainer?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions you should plan on attending a medical club informational meeting led by Mrs. Rigby and open to DLS students in all grades.


Mock Trial

De La Salle’s mock trial team competes against various schools in the area as part of a high school mock trial tournament through the Michigan Center for Civic Education. The mock trial competition has students act out a trial by taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses. Teams of 6-10 students present arguments for either the defense or plaintiff before panels of real judges and lawyers who serve as the presiding judge and jury. 

This is an excellent opportunity for our students to get exposure to what an actual trial is like, and to make real connections with well respected lawyers in the area. 

The team practices at De La Salle’s campus starting in November. The team will also be able to to practice at the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, which is the location for the Macomb County Regional Tournament. 

The team has consistently done well at the regional tournament, receiving high praise from several local judges and attorneys. The team placed third and received the Honorable Mention award in 2015. In 2016, they did even better as the team qualified for the state tournament by finishing as one of the top two teams out of the 14 that competed. The 2017 and 2018 teams did not advance to states, but had great showings at the regional tournament.

Model UN Club

The De La Salle Model United Nations Club attends conferences with other local high schools, as well as schools from across the state of Michigan and other states as well. 

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in international relations, politics, global issues, or just wanting to join a group at school.

Conferences include being assigned topics and countries and working together to pass resolutions. Students have participated in conferences at the University of Michigan (2015), the University of Notre Dame (2017), and Boston University (2018).

Students interested should email Mr. Shortt or see him in Room 325 with questions.  

National Honor Society

National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

Do you have what it takes?
If so, come to an NHS meeting held on PURPLE days during Power Hour. You can apply for membership to the Society during your sophomore year. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSWhat are the membership requirements to join our chapter of NHS?
You can apply for membership your sophomore year. All new applicants must have a 3.5 cumulative grade-point average. All current members must have a 3.4 cumulative GPA. You must also have no major behavioral write-ups. All students must also complete service and tutoring hours.

What are the service requirements?
All new applicants must complete three (3) service events. There will be quarterly check-ins to make sure students are on schedule to complete their requirements.

What are the tutoring requirements?
All new applicants must have 15 hours of tutoring completed at De La Salle or another educational institution. All returning applicants must have 25 hours of service completed. There are tutors needs in the SAIL/AIP room, Math and Foreign Language Departments and Pinewood Elementary School. You can also tutor at one of your own previous schools, if you would like. There will be quarterly check-ins to make sure students are on schedule to complete their requirements.

Is the Bro. Arator Justin Chapter of NHS on social media?
Yes, we are. Twitter: @DLSNHS1;  Remind 101: Text @2397b6 to 81010 or

Does the Bro. Arator Justin Chapter of NHS have officers?
Yes, we do. We elect officers at the beginning of the school year. President; VP of Seniors; VP of Juniors; Secretary; and Treasurer. Check our chapter bylaws for more information.

When are meetings held?
Meeting are held on PURPLE schedule days during Power Hour and are a requirement for all members.

Where can I find information for the national organization?
Check here: The National Organization's website.


Power Lifting

Our goal is to create a long-standing team at De La Salle for the winter-sports season. Many students spend their winters weight training for fall and spring sports, and this will be a more organized and competitive continuation of that. 

Schedule: Lifting practice is directly after school (3:05-4:15), five days a week. There will be a specific set of exercises for each lifter to complete. You should have no problem getting in the weight room, lifting, and getting out of there (this shouldn’t be a major-time commitment). 

**The beginning of the season will not be about who can lift the most weight. It will be about proper-lifting form and the specific commands/rules of competitive powerlifting**

Once the Michigan High School Powerlifting Association releases dates of regional meets, we will plan on which meets to attend this winter. Most will likely be in January, February, and March on Saturdays (we will travel by minibus, depending on our numbers). If you medal in your weight class or pass the qualifying totals, you can qualify for the state meet, which is generally in mid-to-late March. There are both varsity and junior varsity divisions at meets (for underclassmen and upperclassmen).

If you play a winter sport: (especially at De La Salle) this will be difficult to do. It’s up to you if you want to compete, but you will need a signed permission slip from your head coach before I allow you to lift with us. If you have already committed to an established team, you have to give them the priority. Wrestlers, basketball players, and hockey players will likely not be able to powerlift.

FALL/SPRING ATHLETES You can still compete with us if you attend the football/baseball morning lift sessions, lacrosse workouts, etc. However, any powerlifting practice you miss will count against your participation. Additionally, if you are competing, you must attend practices the week before each meet. It’s important that you know the powerlifting rules and commands before competing. 

Spread the word to your friends! Having a large number of lifters will make us compete better against other teams and make this whole experience more fun!

If you have any questions, stop by Room 211 to see Coach Castine, or email him.


Why You Should Join Our Club

As students of De La Salle, the motto: Builders of Boys. Makers of Men. is always in the back of our minds. Wherever we go, we understand we are extensions and representations of the values taught to us by the school. Although the majority of the surrounding community finds De La Salle to be a very impressive and prestigious school, the most important legacy in which the school was founded is slowly crumbling.

In today’s technological society, there are many more opportunities for students to express themselves and interact. However, this new privilege is often abused by many adolescents. To ensure that the principles that De La Salle instilled into his first students are preserved,

De La Salle needs to find a way to effectively communicate the importance of making safe, responsible, respectful decisions. The S.A.D.D. program is a perfect outlet for administrators and students in the school to work together in efforts to make these positive changes in the school. 



Students Against Vandalizing the Environment promotes an environmentally friendly world by coordinating and practicing to reduce, reuse and recycle in the De La Salle Collegiate community.

We are currently in charge of all recycling at De La Salle.  We also have helped our school earn Green School as well as Emerald Status through the Macomb County Green Schools Program in the past and for 2018-19.  

Meeting are at least three times per month; and members are committed to participating in events as often as once per week. Our purpose is to make De La Salle a more environmentally-friendly place.

Our goals and tasks Include coordinate recycling events (paper, plastic, bottles, classroom single stream, and electronics); educate community to reduce waste, promote reduce, reuse, and recycled; implement new ideas; plan Earth Day events; complete paperwork to help De La Salle earn Green School status; complete service at or off campus; etc.


Natural Resources Defense Council
Pachamama Alliance
Institute of Ecolonomics
Personal Creations
The Ocean Cleanup
Cass Community Social Services
Clean the World


Ski/Snowboard Club

The Ski/Snowboard Club travels to Mt. Holly on Friday evenings to ski and snowboard. See details below about Mt. Holly and what you need to do to be part of the club. All necessary documents located on the Documents tab of this website.

For more information about the club, email club moderator Joe Gerardi with any questions.


Social Studies Olympiad

The Social Studies Olympiad team is a fun and educational club that competes in state-wide competitions. We compete in both on and off-site competitions throughout the school year.

The purpose of Social Studies Olympiad is to increase student interest in social studies and to provide opportunities for our students to gain individual and team recognition for academic accomplishments. Social Studies Olympiad encourages the development of a strong social studies skill set, participatory experience, social and intellectual interactions, and strengthens personal confidence by through collaboration and competition.  

In the 2016 statewide quiz bowl competition in Detroit, the De La Salle Social Studies Olympiad team took first place. We sent two teams to compete against tough competition from all over Michigan, and the team of Zachary Breininger, Brendan DeSantis, Justin Smith, and Jason Kathawa took home the state championship. We are looking for more members to have another strong performance at next year’s competition. 

The De La Salle team repeated their first-place performance in 2017. The Pilots traveled to Center Line High School where they faced the toughest competition yet. The team of Zachary Breininger, Brendan DeSantis, Christian Stelkic, and Michael DeDecker took home the gold for the Pilots. The team is open to anyone who wants to be involved and test his social studies knowledge against teams from around the state. 

Sportsmen's Club

The De La Salle Sportsmen's Club participates in clay target shooting - trap, skeet, and sporting clays.

The club practices every Wednesday after school (4-6 p.m.) at the Detroit Sportsmen's Congress. Special events (field trips, scrimmages, competitions) as scheduled.

Equipment drop-off and transportation must be arranged beforehand (Tuesday 10 p.m.) with coach Mike Jolly.

ABOUT USMike Jolly, Head Coach - Certified Instructor, USA Shooting and National Rifle Association; Life Member, National Rifle Association; Life Member, Michigan Antique Arms Collectors; Board of Directors, Michigan High School Coaches Association; Member, Positive Coaching Alliance; veteran coach for 50-plus years; former athletic director and current coach and substitute teacher at De La Salle.

Sam Pettinato, Assistant Coach - Registered Instructor, SSSF; Charter Member, De La Salle Clay Target Program; University of Michigan graduate; active competitive shooter (Cowboy Action, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays).

Andrew Bielman, Assistant Coach - Charter Member, De La Salle Clay Target Program; University of Michigan graduate; Member of Detroit Sportsmen's Congress; active competitive shooter (DSC Club Skeet Champion and trap and sporting clays); Director of Vintage Clay Target competitions at the DSC.

Eric Castiglia, Assistant Coach - Active shooter at DSC.


Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club is a great way for students to learn more about investing, have fun, and make friends.  Our students participate in a virtual stock market game on MarketWatch. For more information, please attend an upcoming meeting.