Course Selections

2023-24 COURSE SIGN-UP: Online Course REQUEST time for current students is typically in February each year. Students and parents should be discussing next year’s class recommendations with their teachers and counselor..…We strongly recommend students and parents take every opportunity to learn about next year courses. The timeline for Course Selection is below:


Those students interested in Advance Placement courses for next school year are REQUIRED to pick up an AP Course Request Contract from the Counseling Office (or see below). The student must consult with their counselor, AP teacher and parents to be accepted into the course PRIOR to requesting any AP courses online.

Each student must  print off the Course Request Summary after requests are made. The parent signed document must be turned into the Counselor by Friday, February 24!

If you need your login for Infinite Campus, please send an email to Mrs. Sheryl Anderson,


2023-2024 Curriculum Guide

2023-2024 Course Matrix

First page of the PDF file: CoursesList20232024Version1

AP Course Contract/Application

First page of the PDF file: APCourseApplication


MAR 1:    

  • Counselors complete request resolutions.

MAR 6-10:   

  • Departments receive course request lists and grades for review and adjustments; discuss with other departments/counselors.

 MAR 1 & 23:       

  • Incoming Freshmen finalize schedules

MAR 13 - 17:   

  • Counselors resolve any discrepancies between student, parent, and teachers. Counselors adjust any course requests accordingly.

 MAR 24:      

  • The course request process is closed and considered final.
  • Initial Resource (teachers, materials, rooms) planning, budgeting, and allocation begins. 

MAR 27:   

  • Course Request verification disseminated for existing students.
  • Final Resourcing Analysis (teachers, sections, rooms, etc.)
  • Master Scheduling Begins

AUG 1:       Scheduling complete and posted online. No course changes after this date. 

  • Parents order textbooks