Together we are stronger as we practice “Faith in You” in all we do, say and how we act.
It is Our Promise to be a beacon for Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.
As Team De La Salle this moral compass will guide us forward.
We stand together to:
  • Embrace a broader perspective.
  • Respect each other for the diverse qualities we bring.
  • Act in ways that support “Our Promise”.
  • Create and encourage an inclusive environment.
  • Educate guided by Faith in each other.
  • Gauge our next steps by the principles of:
    1. Is Justice being served?
    2. Is there Equality for all?
    3. Do we have diversity in place, practice, and process?
    4. Are we open and inclusive of Faith in All?
Together we will move forward in Faith that we have fulfilled our promise. We have faith in you.
De La Salle Collegiate


Diversity & Inclusion

Through its promise, De la Salle Collegiate commits to promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in all its practices. What makes us different from other schools? Our Promise. Diversity and inclusivity matter and are important in the workplace. This year we are showcasing through our workshops and faculty/staff professional growth plans our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion education, Lasallian formation, and its relationship to racial Justice.
This website will also highlight De La Salle’s DEI education involvement within our district, DENA and the regional Christian Brothers Conference. Our DEI website is a center for all things diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging here at De La Salle. Here you will find our promise, articles chronicling our DEIB Journey, the Huether Christian Brothers conference information.