Diversity & Inclusion

Headshot of Marta Rhea-Johnson


It is with great joy and responsibility that we at De La Salle Collegiate are charged with educating the future. Hence, it is vital for the students of De La Salle to learn about themselves and to gain insight into the experiences of others; to think critically about history as well as contemporary society; to find freedom within the power of knowledge and to be empowered to change and improve their lives and communities.

Here at De La Salle we know that our graduates are going to be leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

Our goal is to make sure that each student that passes through our halls is not only expertly educated, but also has the strength of conviction to stand up for justice, speak out against inequity, and seek diversity and inclusion in every aspect of life. It is in doing this that our community truly lives out the Lasallian values of faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all people, and create inclusive communities. It is through our intentional centering of diversity, inclusion, equity and justice that we inspire students to excel, serve and love.

Diversity Club

The Diversity Club is a student-led group with the purpose of bringing to light issues of diversity for students, faculty and staff at De La Salle Collegiate. The club empowers students, encourages responsible youth leadership and enables students to be a positive force for change within the school and their communities.  They work to plan and organize educational opportunities to spread awareness on culturally and social issues.

MISSIONThe Diversity Club exists to create a culturally, socially aware environment and to promote the appreciation of each ethnic group within the De La Salle community.  We seek to provide educational opportunities for ourselves as well as the student body, which can enhance learning and growth in cultural competence.

VISIONTo embrace diversity and inclusion, as evidenced by high levels of empathy, respect, intercultural awareness, cultural consciousness, critical thinking, and positive understanding and celebration of differences, resulting in a community that is welcoming and diverse.