Parent Groups

A group of parents at the annual Sip and Shop in 2018

De La Salle Collegiate parent groups consist of the Dads Club and the Christian Brothers Auxiliary who work on behalf of students, faculty and staff. These groups organize many events throughout the year.

In addition to raising funds through events, the groups support the efforts of faculty and staff in their mission to educate our boys by providing hundreds of hours of volunteer service.



Four of the CBA officers at the school's annual open house.

The Christian Brothers Auxiliary, often affectionately called the moms club, is built on traditions that date back to 1851 when the founding women gathered to meet the needs of the Christian Brothers who were here to educate the young men in the Detroit area.

From that time, the CBA has expanded its mission to include fundraising events to support the needs of the school and its students. The CBA is proud to have contributed over $1.7 million since 1982.

Just as in the past, the CBA today is made up of many dedicated women, from freshmen moms to the more experienced members who stay on long after their sons have graduated. In addition, grandmothers, aunts, friends, and siblings of current or former students are also members.

The CBA meets monthly during the school year. The wonderful feeling of accomplishment and the rewards of many lifelong friendships are only two of the reasons that members enjoy being part of the CBA. 

Please contact CBA President Kathleen Cyr with any questions. 
Christmas Craft Show: CRAFTERS should contact


Dads Club

The De La Salle Collegiate Dads Club is 70-plus years of being Men of Service, Men of Faith. But most importantly, being a part of the Dads Club means you are choosing to take an active role in your sons complete De La Salle experience, from the moment he walks in the door, to the moment he leaves.

You are leading by example for your sons that volunteering your time and talents is one of the most important ways to foster a true Lasallian community. Our membership is open to dads, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, or any adult male figure who serves as a vital male role model to any one of our students. There is no cost to be a member of the Dads Club other than your time and talents.

The official mission of the De La Salle Dads Club is:

  • to support and further the Lasallian mission of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and De La Salle Collegiate
  • to foster a closer relationship between the Fathers and the De La Salle Christian Brothers
  • to maintain high standards of Fatherly interest in the students' scholastic, spiritual, social, and athletic affairs
  • to assist in the maintenance and improvement of the physical plant and grounds
  • to create and maintain a social bond among the members
  • to encourage the participation of all new and inactive members as possible

Dads Club Board

President Bruce Berriman
First Vice President  John Ziske
Secretary Brett J. Lawrence
Treasurer Vacant
Moderator Joe Gerardi



Music Boosters

The mission of the De La Salle Collegiate Music Boosters is to foster a positive fine arts learning environment that enables each student to realize his full academic and personal potential in accordance with the De La Salle philosophy and principles, to promote school spirit and teamwork and a sense of accomplishment, and to provide the opportunity for all students to develop and showcase their special talents.

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Band Booster Reimbursement Request Form

Mission Statement & Bylaws

De La Salle Collegiate Music Boosters Mission Statement

The Mission of the De La Salle Collegiate Music Boosters is to foster a positive learning
experience that enables each student to realize his full academic and personal potential in accordance with the De La Salle Collegiate Philosophy and Statement of Principles, to promote school spirit and teamwork and a sense of accomplishment, and to provide the opportunity to all students to develop and showcase their special talents.

De La Salle Collegiate Music Boosters Bylaws

Article I: Name
The name of the non-profit organization shall be De La Salle Collegiate High School Music Boosters.

Article II: Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be to support and advance the music department of De La Salle Collegiate.

Article III: Membership
1). All parents and legal guardians of students participating in any De La Salle Collegiate bands or choirs shall be considered members. All past alumni and their parents, and any other adults interested in the support and advancement of the De La Salle Collegiate music programs shall be considered an Associate Member of this organization. Members and Associate Members shall be placed on the roster, which shall be kept by the President, Vice President and Membership Coordinator of this organization. Associate Members have no voting rights nor may they hold an Executive Board position. Only parents or legal guardians of current music students shall be eligible to participate as committee chairpersons and be allowed to vote.

2). Any member wishing to volunteer at a music department event must be compliant with the
Archdiocese of Detroit Protecting God’s Children program.

Article IV: Officers
1). The Officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice-President, Communication/Social Media
Secretary, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

De La Salle Music Boosters Officer Job Responsibilities

● Presides over Executive Board Meetings
● Oversees projects and music events with Coordinators
● Conducts General Meetings
● Works with the Music Director to formulate agendas
● Liaison with school administration if necessary
● Works closely with the Music Director as needed
● Ex-officio member of all Committees
● Maintains member roster with Vice President and Membership Coordinator
● Oversees all activities and aspects of Music Boosters

Vice President
● Assists the President, oversees and works directly with Committees on projects
● Communicates with President as necessary
● Obtains updates and Committee reports and reports the status to the Executive Board
● Chairs meetings in the absence of the President, preparing an agenda and conducting both
Board and General Meetings

Communications/Social Media Secretary
● Develops the quarterly newsletter to be distributed DIGITALLY (email, Facebook, etc.) Will
print only upon request.
● In charge of distributing information to music parents through print and electronic media
(De La Salle website, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) along with the Music Director and
the President
● Handles correspondence of Music Boosters
● Responsible for publicity of all Committee activities
● Responsible for development and printing of concert and event programs. Works with
Membership Coordinator to ensure accuracy.
● Works with with De La Salle Director of Communications (PR/Brag) to promote all Music related
events throughout the school year.

Recording Secretary
● Responsible for recording meeting minutes for the Executive Board and General Meetings
● Works with the President to publish monthly meeting agendas and any other
correspondence required to support such meetings
● Submits meeting minutes to the Music Boosters via electronic media one week prior to the
next meeting and provides copies at said meeting

● Responsible for maintaining all financial information involving the Music Boosters
● Required to submit a financial statement to the Executive Board for approval and thereafter
to report financial status at each regularly scheduled General Meeting
● Financial record keeping should consist of all incoming funds from scheduled fundraisers,
funds from other De La Salle Collegiate groups (Dads Club, Christian Brothers Auxiliary, etc.)
as well as all outgoing expenses
● Render an annual report and end-of-event reports
● Track donations, cash or in-kind, on the monthly Treasurer report
● Works with the President, Vice President and Business Office to set up all Pilot Hangar
payment options for any/all events (i.e. Holiday Extrava-BAND-za, Awards Banquet, any
function that requires a payment)
● Works with the Business Office to reconcile all monies received via FACTS (i.e. Band Camp,
CHEXBA etc.) against internal record keeping measures.
● Maintain financial reports using a bookkeeping software program (i.e. Quickbooks or Excel)
to record monthly transactions for internal record keeping.

2). Election of Officers shall occur once each year at the April meeting and shall include all office
positions. Newly elected Officers shall begin their terms on July 1 following the election and end June 30 of the following year. A transition meeting will be held every May to ensure the newly elected
Board members are aware of their responsibilities before the school year ends. All elected and
appointed offices shall be for a term of one year. No Officer shall hold the same elected office for more than three (3) consecutive years. At the end of the third consecutive year in the same elected office, the Officer must vacate that position for a minimum of one year. He/She may stand for election for any office other than the one vacated. Should a member assume an elected office during an existing term, the Officer may be elected to the same office for three (3) consecutive years following the partial year in office.

3). Officer vacancies occurring during the calendar year shall be filled by a new election. An
announcement will be made to the membership at large, and an election will be held at the next
General Meeting.

4). A Nominating Committee, consisting of five (5) members, shall be established in January each year. The Committee shall assist the President in identifying candidates for the Committee Chair positions, in the event of a lack of volunteers. This committee shall consist of the Music Director, President, Vice President, and two (2) members chosen by the Executive Board from the membership at large. If a member of the Nominating Committee is being considered for an Executive Board position in the election, they must relinquish their position on the Nominating Committee, and be replaced by one of the three remaining Executive Board members. If those Executive Board members are also being considered for office, then the Nominating Committee shall select replacement members as needed from the Booster members at large.

5). The Nominating Committee shall present a nomination form to be distributed to the membership at large at the February General Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall meet at least once prior to the March General Meeting to develop a slate of candidates drawn from the nomination forms. The Nominating Committee will present the slate of candidates at the March General Meeting. The election will be held at the April general meeting. Results of the election will be announced immediately following the counting of the ballots. Ballots shall not be taken out of the voting area until counted by the Nominating Committee. All disputes, discrepancies and arbitrations will be addressed and decided by the Nominating Committee.

6). Votes must be cast in person OR electronically by the members at the April meeting.

Article V: General Meetings
1). General Meetings shall be held monthly during the third week of the month except due to scheduling conflicts and/or holidays. The March meeting shall be for the purpose of presenting the slate of candidates for the coming year. Additional business shall be conducted as required. The April meeting shall be for the purpose of voting and announcing the newly elected Officers. Additional business shall be conducted as required.

2). A quorum for the transaction of business at the general meetings shall be those members present, providing that three (3) of the elected Officers are present and the meeting is an officially scheduled meeting.

Article VI: The Executive Board
1). The Executive Board shall consist of the offices of President, Vice-President, Communication/Social
Media Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and the current De La Salle Collegiate Music Director.

2). The Executive Board shall meet the third week of the month except due to scheduling conflicts
and/or holidays, one hour prior to the General Meeting. This is to support and prepare general meeting agendas, reviewing committee progress toward recommendations and setting direction and/or policy on specific issues identified by the membership at large. Other meetings of the Executive Board may be called by the President, as needed.

3). A quorum for the transaction of business of the Executive Board shall be deemed as three (3)
members of the Board providing the President or Vice President is one of the members present.

4). All committee reports and recommendations shall be submitted to the Executive Board for review
and approval prior to submission to the membership at large at the General Meeting. Any and all
disbursements of funds shall be approved by the President and Treasurer jointly.

5). The Principal of De La Salle Collegiate or his designee will be an ex-officio member of the Executive Board with voting privileges. The Principal shall have the power to veto any act of the Board, which may be deemed contrary to the welfare of the school or the Christian Brothers.

6). No member of the Executive Board shall serve simultaneously as a Committee Chairperson. Further, no Executive Board member shall serve as a Coordinator, unless deemed necessary by the Music Director.

7.) The Executive Board shall review the Music Booster Bylaws annually by January.

Article VII: Committees
1). The Executive Board has the authority to establish all necessary committees and appoint
Chairpersons in the event of a lack of volunteers with the approval of the Nominating Committee which has been provided for in Section 4 of Article IV.

2). The President and the Music Director(s) shall be considered ex-officio members of all committees
with voting privileges.

List of Committees and Responsibilities:

Band Camp Chair
● Maintains medical forms and collects medication for distribution
● Organizes chaperones for camp
● Provides assistance to the music director/president/uniform chair in purchasing and distributing
polo shirts
● Makes sure the scaffolding has been ordered ahead of time and will be delivered to Band Camp
site at the appropriate time. (Makes arrangement for pick up of scaffolding, as well)
● Works with the president in developing camp materials to be sent to participating in camp
● Works with the Director and President to ensure that all necessary paperwork is received from
participating students and adults (i.e. spreadsheets, permission slips, Band Registration forms,
● Works with the Treasurer, President, Vice President and Business Office to ensure that ALL
participants have paid the proper fee (via check, efunds, PIlot Hangar or FACTS payment) to
attend Band Camp.
● Should the Band Camp Coordinator so choose, he/she may organize a sub-committee of his/her
choice to aid in executing all of the necessary requirements for the week. Sub-committee
members will report to Band Camp Chairs, Vice President and President.
● Maintains and compiles a record of duties performed to execute this position. The record shall
be given to the following Chairperson at the transition meeting

Uniform Chair
● Accepts and orders uniform pieces purchased by students, Music Director and Executive Board
● Uniform purchases must be approved by the Music Director
● Supplies responsibility/care guidelines to students and their families
● Performs uniform inspections upon return
● Controls uniform inventory including annual distribution and collection of all uniforms
● Responsible for annual cleaning and alterations of all uniforms
● Provides a monthly report to the Music Director and Treasurer on all fiscal activities
● Maintains and compiles a record of duties performed to execute this position. The record shall
be given to the following Chairperson at the transition meeting
● Works with the Treasurer to ensure that all students using a school-issued uniform have paid
the appropriate fees for dry cleaning/repairs via De La Salle Music Registration Forms (via FACTS or
manual check)

Christmas Extrava-BAND-za (CHEXBA) Chair
● Oversees subcommittees (ex-bake sale, carryout, volunteers, etc.)
● Coordinates school volunteers
● Works with Communications/Social Media Secretary to develop/send out promotional materials
● Determines/orders/distributes tickets for admissions and complimentary tickets
● Works with the Treasurer, President, Vice President and Business Office to track per sale
admissions and donations (via DLS Registration Forms through FACTS and manual check)
● Works with CHEXBA Basket chairs to coordinate receipt of donation items and assembly.
● Maintains and compiles a record of duties performed to execute this position. The record shall
be given to the following Chairperson at the transition meeting
● Works with Treasurer to create event-end report

Trip Chair
● Liaison between the travel company/ Music Director/parents
● Assists Music Director in coordinating room assignments/chaperone assignments
● Keeps track of student/parent registration and payments. Sends correspondence to individuals
as needed
● Conducts the trip meeting with the music boosters general membership. Provides the necessary
documents to parents
● Maintains medical forms and collects medication for distribution
● Coordinates the distribution of travel bags, lanyards, snacks, etc. for the trip.
● Liaison for the travel guide/Music Director during the trip
● Maintains and compiles a record of duties performed to execute this position. The record shall
be given to the following Chairperson at the transition meeting

Awards Banquet Chair
● Oversees subcommittees (ex-décor, gifts, candy table, a/v equipment, pictures, etc.)
● Coordinates awards with music director
● Arranges hall rental
● Determines/distributes complimentary tickets
● Works with the Treasurer, President and Business Office in handling monies received for ticket
● Works with President /Vice-President in developing Banquet materials to be sent to families
● Sends reservation materials
● Maintains and compiles a record of duties performed to execute this position. The record shall
be given to the following Chairperson at the transition meeting
● Works with Treasurer to create event-end report

Membership Coordinator
● At year end (June), gather information about new students entering the program from
Music Director and update Directory for the upcoming year. Relay this information to the
Summer Greet Coordinator.
● When classes begin, eliminate Seniors from the Directory and add them to Alumni
Google Group
● Maintain current De La Salle music students and their families (i.e. contact info, groups)
● Provide information sheets (registration or otherwise) for Ice Cream Social, Band Camp,
Banquet and any committee that needs to update information
● Provide membership/group information to any committee that requires it (i.e. programs)
● Compile information and maintain in an organized fashion
● Maintain current year Directory
● Work with Director, Executive Board members and all Chairs to ensure that information
sent to all students/families is correct.
● Attend monthly General meeting, as needed
● Maintain Google Groups and Contact List – update/reconcile monthly

Article VIII: Audit
The Treasurer’s books shall be presented to, and may be audited by, the Executive Board at the monthly Executive Board Meetings.

Article IX: Books and Records
1). The organization shall keep correct records and complete books and records of all accounts and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members.
2). All books and records of this organization may be inspected by any member for any proper purpose at any time.

Article X: Amendments
These Bylaws may be amended at any time prior to the presentation at any general meeting by a
two-thirds vote of the members present. This may happen provided: 1) the Principal approves, and 2)
the proposed amendments have been presented in writing to the board and read at a previous general meeting. This document shall be effective at once and shall remain effective until amended and rescinded by the process stated in this Article.

Article XI: Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order, revised, shall be followed in all matters not otherwise specified in the Bylaws.

Board & Committees

Music Boosters Officers
President Mary Schumacher
Vice President Christy Sheth
Recording Secretary Mary Hoenscheid
Treasurer Dave Lubera
Social Media Secretary Paul Arnold


Music Boosters Committees
Band Camp Coordinators Dan Grams, Cathy Schauer
Music Trip Coordinator Jeff Hoenscheid
CHEXBA Chairpersons Michelle Jones, Vicki Cornwell
Awards Banquet Chairpersons Wendy DeLaRosa, Janell Olesky
Membership Coordinator Paul Arnold
Summer Greet Coordinators Teresa Shuwayhat, Mary Arnold
Open House Coordinators Michelle Spring, Teresa Shuwayhat
CHEXBA Basket Coordinators Katie Lubera, Judy Kaiser
Uniform Coordinators Katie Lubera, Janell Olesky, Rebecca Enghauser
Spring Concert Chairpersons Judy Kaiser, Nicole Nielsen
Trailer Drivers Bill Kaiser, Andrew Krass


2019-20 Student Leaders
Senior Drum Major Mitchell Grams
Junior Drum Major Joshua Hoenscheid
Color Guard Captain Grace Szalma
Flute Section Leader Kayla Helgren
Clarinet Section Leaders Jarod Amparo, Michael Straffon
Alto Saxophone Section Leaders Daniel Kaiser, Joseph Wiegand
Trumpet Section Leaders William Shuwayhat
Low Brass Section Leader Christopher Schumacher
Percussion Section Leader Cameron Thompson

Parent Volunteers

Parents and friends who wish to volunteer at De La Salle must:

Complete the Criminal Background Check Background Check Authorization for Volunteers
Complete the Archdiocesan program, Protecting God’s Children.

Volunteers must bring in both documents together – certification of completing the workshop and the background check form – along with a valid driver’s license to Mrs. Sandy Carra in the main office for verification. She will make a copy of the driver’s license and keep the copy on file along with the workshop verification and background check form.

You will not be able to volunteer until these requirements are met. This is for ALL parents who volunteer at school in ANY WAY – chaperoning events, field trips, Dads Club and CBA functions, Band Boosters, WAMS volunteers, Senior All-Night party, etc.

Questions Regarding Protecting God’s Children should be directed to Sandy Carra, 586-541-6200.

Questions about volunteering can be answered by Sister Pat Eeckhout, 586-541-6277

Volunteering is an expectation of your Financial Aid acceptance agreement.



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  • Create an account and click on Family Sign Up.
  • Use the enrollment code and complete five easy steps
  • Email the following information to Sr. Pat:
    • Your first and last name
    • Preferred email address for our communication
    • Graduation Year of your student
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SCRIP orders are released when payment is received. You may want to investigate Presto Pay, especially to take advantage of Reloads and ScripNow. You can also enlist the help of family and friends to purchase Scrip cards for your tuition credits. All proceeds from this program are in the form of tuition credits and are applied once a year. Credits earned in the current school year are available to offset tuition for the next school year. More details and help are always available from Sister Pat; contact her at 586-541-6277.