Parking Passes


Starting in School Year 2021-22, all parking spaces in the De La Salle Parking Lot will be assigned specifically to each student. 

If a student is going to drive more than one vehicle to school during the year, please see Mrs. Hoffmeyer in the Main Office for additional forms. Payment still needs to be submitted for one of the vehicles before he can choose his spot.

After payment is made below, print a copy of the confirmation email. On Tuesdays and Thursdays for the last 2 weeks of school year 2020-21, during Advisory period, Mrs. Hoffmeyer will be by the main office for your son to pick his spot.  Spaces will be on a first-come, first-serve choice. Cash at the business office will also be taken for payment, but online is preferred for your record keeping.

Passes can be purchased online throughout the summer. Your son can come in during Summer Office Hours to choose his spot.

Vehicle Information + Payment



Please fill out all the required fields and submit your payment.

After payment is made, print a copy of the confirmation email and have your son bring it to Mrs. Hoffmeyer in the Main Office where he will pick the parking spot he would want. It will be a first come, first serve choice.

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