TruFood Café


TruFood is an on-site restaurant company offering café and catering services to De La Salle Collegiate students, faculty and staff.

They pride themselves on delivering new and creative alternatives to classic food items, and draw from local foods in the area and provide authentic and culturally diverse foods daily. All created with an experienced and critical eye for freshness and taste.

The goal is to impart the value of eating healthy all day long. Starting with made-to-order breakfast options, full café lunch options, grab-and-go's for after-school events and practices, and healthy vending machine items to choose from as well.

Peanut AllergiesTruFood is a peanut/tree Nut free kitchen. That means we do not use peanut oils or nuts in any of our dishes. However, some products like our muffins or desserts, may have been processed in a factory that uses nuts.

Nutrition and allergy Policy - 2021