De La Salle students taking a science test.


De La Salle Collegiate needs you! Our loyal and supportive community is what makes us special. Here are all the ways you can get involved and make a difference in the lives of our students.

Brother George Synan Scholarship
​​​Brother George was a positive, guiding light at De La Salle for more than 40 years before he passed away in 2002. He holds an important place in the hearts of many alumni, and truly preached the word of St. John Baptist de La Salle when he said that no boy would be turned away because of a lack of funds. A donation to the Brother George Synan Scholarship keeps his memory alive while helping a student attend De La Salle Collegiate.

Brother Patrick McNally ScholarshipBrother Patrick McNally, a St. Joseph’s High School alumnus from the Class of 1955, became a Christian Brother in 1956, and came to De La Salle in 2002. He became the Director of Alumni Relations for St. Joe’s alumni, and ran De La Salle's Wig and Mask Society, along with being an advisor for the Christian Brothers Auxiliary and acting as vocations coordinator for the Christian Brothers. This scholarship was established in Brother Pat’s name in 2005 to honor his boundless energy and support of the school.Brother Robert Deary ScholarshipStarted in 2012 by the late Gary Hahn (past parent of late Paul Hahn ’94) in honor of Brother Robert Deary's 50th Jubilee as a Christian Brother.Brother Tom Lackey ScholarshipFormer President of De La Salle Collegiate, Brother Tom Lackey graduated from De La Salle in 1965. Since then, he has established a meaningful legacy at his alma mater. He taught at De La Salle (1975-85), was principal (1985-94), and returned to become the school’s President (2011-15). This fund helps to fulfill the cause closest to Brother Tom’s heart: the idea that a young man can receive a Lasallian education regardless of his financial means.

Brother Gabe Fagan ScholarshipBrother Gabriel Fagan, FSC, taught at De La Salle from 1961-70, and 2011-13. He died in Dec. 2019. He was 81. During his years as a Christian Brother, from 1957 until his death, Brother Gabe was a teacher of religion, Latin, and English, as well as a college professor, vocation director, and school administrator. Originally from New York City, Brother Gabe considered Detroit his home, and remained in contact with numerous alumni. He lived in Detroit until 2015, when he moved to De La Salle Hall in Lincroft, New Jersey. 

Christian Brothers Auxiliary Angels ScholarshipThe CBA created an annual scholarship in 2017 with the intent of empowering the financial assistance process with resources to address special situations that fall beyond the normally budgeted amount.Co-Pilot SponsorshipOpportunities exist to sponsor a student with a full or half year tuition – called the Co-Pilot Sponsorship. A sponsor is matched with the student and will be in contact with the student throughout the school year. Contact De La Salle's Advancement Office to become a Co-Pilot at 586-778-3356.

Ed Martel ScholarshipEd Martel, who graduated from De La Salle in 1987, died Sept. 29, 2018 following an 18-year battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He was 49. The 2019 Christian Brothers Classic golf outing was held in his honor. To make a tribute in Ed Martel's memory, donate to the Ed Martel Memorial Scholarship and help a student attend De La Salle Collegiate.

Gary Buslepp ScholarshipGary Buslepp was a lifelong educator, enjoying three tours spanning 22 years at De La Salle before retiring in 2018.  He first came to De La Salle in 1977, at the invitation of then-athletic director John Maronto. Between 1977 and 1988, Buslepp coached various levels of football, basketball, and baseball, before becoming varsity basketball coach in 1981. Buslepp was then associated with the University of Detroit for three years, working in the athletic department. He returned to De La Salle as the vice principal in 1991, a position he held until 2000. Gary worked as an administrator and principal in the Grosse Pointe Public Schools from 2000 until 2015. He returned to De La Salle in 2016, and spent two years with the academic support program. 

Gary DiGiuseppe ScholarshipGary DiGiuseppe, a 1973 alumnus, was a reporter for Little Rock radio station, KARN when his life was cut short. He was well-known in the area for his reporting, particularly of agricultural news. His sister Carol DiGiuseppe-Zuniga and his parents Leonard and Virginia, are establishing a scholarship in his name to benefit the De La Salle Collegiate tuition assistance fund. The family hopes to aid at least three students.

Memorial ScholarshipA memorial gift serves as a remembrance of a loved one, and a tribute to someone whose life has had an impact on others. Memorial Gifts may be made at any time.

Pilot Pride ScholarshipYour donation to the Pilot Pride Scholarship Fund helps offset the cost of attending De La Salle Collegiate for those families who need financial assistance. Showing your Pilot Pride is about passing on life’s rewards to someone else, and allowing them to experience what makes De La Salle so special. For more information, contact the Advancement Department at 586-778-3356.

St. Joseph Blue Jays ScholarshipSt. Joseph’s Commercial College opened in 1889, and was De La Salle’s biggest rival from 1926 until 1964, when St. Joseph’s closed its doors. De La Salle then took in many students from that great school, and the St. Joe’s alumni still attend De La Salle senior alumni luncheons, the Christian Brothers Dinner and other events. This fund receives regular donations from the St. Joe’s Alumni Association and those who honor the Blue Jays' memory.

Wayne A Davis Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to honor the life of Wayne A. Davis and his commitment to the values of a Catholic education, especially De La Salle Collegiate, where his son, Scott, ‘90, attended and his grandson, Nico Palazzolo, is currently a student on track to graduate in 2024.  Wayne devoted much of his life to serving the St. Anne Community and enjoyed following the progress of St. Anne students he coached or mentored through their years at De La Salle.   Always wanting the best for his family, he and his wife Kathy sacrificed much to assure their children could have a Catholic education.  This scholarship is intended to assist the families of St. Anne students meet the financial requirements of continuing their education at De La Salle Collegiate.  

Alexander R. Scapini Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is designed to honor the life of Alexander Scapini a 2016 graduate who passed away at the age of 24 from a long battle with cancer.

Doug and Loretta Esler Memorial ScholarshipThis scholarship is designed to honor the life of Doug and Loretta Esler. The son and mother of the DLS legendary basketball coach, Greg Eser.