Transportation, How to Get Your Son to De La Salle Collegiate

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Yes, you can get your son to De La Salle Collegiate each day for school and we are going to help you!

Each year, we encounter parents who want to send their sons to De La Salle Collegiate, but are concerned about the logistics of HOW to get him to school each day. As a commuter school, we understand this fear but we know how to remedy it. 

We currently pull students from all over Metro Detroit: we have students from Port Huron, to Detroit, to Novi in the West, and everywhere in between. The positive part of this is that no matter where a family is coming from, there is someone who can help.

We partner with families to help get with get students to and from school in the following ways:

  1. Busing
  2. Carpooling
  3. Building Hours

The first instinct for many families to facilitate getting their son to De La Salle Collegiate is the bus. We are happy to report that we partner with Regina to offer busing to and from school each day. The bus drops students off at school each day 10 minutes before school begins and 10 minutes after it ends.

The bus routes are established at the beginning of each year based upon demand. This means that the bus routes we currently run started out with a much wider geographic footprint, and then are condensed down based on families’ needs. For example, every year we committ to offering a bus stop at Holy Family Regional School if even one student needs it. However, it has not always run because many years families find the carpools are much more effective. 

The carpool network at De La Salle Collegiate is the best friend of families in need, and the number one way families get their sons to school each day. In the summer of each year, the school solicits all of our families for their interest in being included in the carpool list. Once everyone responds, we then send out the list to all of the families in need.

To put it in perspective, we have included the graphic below that shows the number of families who currently drive into DLS each day from some outlying areas.

Finally, we keep the building open and accessible for families over a much wider span of time than the academic school day. The building opens at 6 a.m. and stays open until 8 p.m. each night. This way if a parent needs to drop their son off on the way to work, or pick them up after work, it is not a problem. Unlike many schools, there is no supervision fee for this. We want the student here where they are safe and monitored by an adult.

If you still have concerns about the transportation for your son, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your unique situation and work with you to arrive at a solution that makes it possible for your son to be a De La Salle Collegiate Pilot! We can be reached at or 586.541.6220.

God Bless and Go Pilots!

Mr. Bill Burkhardt, ‘03

Director of Admissions

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